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Our Current Needs

It is a sad reality that difficult worldwide economics is causing a real strain on NGOs throughout South Africa, and at Christine Revell we are no exception. We are in need of help.

If anyone can help us on an ongoing basis to meet our monthly needs, please let us know – we would be MORE than grateful!

Our current needs are

  • Baby Formula: R 3 600 – R 4 000 pm

  • Meat supplies: R 12 000 – R 15 000 pm

  • Vegetables and fruit: R 8 000 – R 10 000 pm

  • Groceries: R 14 000 – R 16 000 pm

  • Municipal Costs: R 40 000 – R 50 000 pm (winter months)


Donate your time as a volunteer

Children need individual attention – more than our hard-working staff can give all the time. The support of volunteers makes a big difference in the lives of the children, who thrive under the individual attention volunteers can give them. Volunteers are asked to commit themselves for at least two months and to specific time slots so that their services can be effectively integrated with the duties of the staff with whom they work. They help with the daily duties and stimulate the children through more individual attention – especially at play time and meal times. There are quarterly meetings for volunteers where concerns, problems and achievements are worked through.

Impact a child's life by becoming a sponsor or volunteer today.

"It's not about how much you give but how much love you put into giving."

- Mother Teresa


Whatever works for you!

We welcome donations of any amount and are extremely grateful for your contribution. If you wish to donate directly, there are several ways to do so. You can: send a cheque, deposit a once-off amount via Snapscan or EFT (see below), or arrange a monthly debit order/stop order through your bank.

Please let us know about your donation to enable us to thank you! 

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please accept our heartfelt thank you here. 

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